About Us

Our company is here to serve yours.

Our History

For over 28 years, our family has been in the vanguard of the outdoor furniture industry. Designing, producing, and marketing high-end and unique outdoor furniture pieces, we have continuously sought excellence for our own brand as well as for private label customers in the USA and internationally. Having supplied hotels, restaurant chains, and many renowned companies in the commercial segment, we have a longstanding trajectory as innovative manufacturers and marketers.

Our Company

The Aretto Commercial select product line can be used in  diverse applications to meet all your business needs. Our furniture enhances the look and functionality of the different outdoor areas of your properties, making your ambience more appealing to your customers. Our Mission is to supply you with high value furniture of great design, functionality, and comfort at competitive prices. We ship to properties all over the USA and direct containers worldwide.

Our Commitment

Our strong commitment to you ensures that our service and every one of our product lines exceeds your expectations and more. We are devoted to supplying our customers with products of the highest standards. As part of this ongoing effort, we will continue to evolve our product lines with fresh and appealing designs.