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Commercial Pool Furniture
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Commercial Pool Furniture

Choosing high-quality commercial grade products

Whether your project is a hotel, resort, or county club, you will want to have the most qualitative industrial pool furniture that is suitable for high traffic purposes. In order to choose the best one, you should research all the options of commercial grade pool furniture available out there. We are sharing our insights with you in order to help you choose high-quality pool furniture that is right for your business.

Commercial Pool Furniture

Lounge Chairs

All resorts require commercial pool furniture. However, an item that is frequently used in hotels is pool lounge chairs. They are used by guests to sit back and relax and there are many kinds of lounge chairs available.  The main types of lounge chairs are:

– Sling chaise lounge chairs are a popular choice in high traffic locations, especially when it comes to hotels and resorts. These chairs are durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear due to the resistant sling fabric. Sling fabric is also replaceable, so you can extend the life of the piece, just by changing the fabric. The fabric replacement is only a fraction of the cost.

– Sling chaise lounge chairs with armrests are a popular choice for beach venues. This offers an increased level of comfort, because some users prefer to have armrests. Ideally, these types of sling lounge chairs are made with fabric that has UV and mold protection. This will prevent sun damage and discoloration as well as the build-up of bacteria and unsightly mold.

– Woven Lounge Chairs: These chairs are more classic, and can make any area look a bit more elevated, however, they do require a decent amount of maintenance and in many cases, you will need a cushion to add comfort. The cushion should be made with outdoor fabric.

– Resin chairs: There is a reason why most large resorts prefer resin lounge chairs. They are sturdy, low maintenance, and comfortable. This material also tends to be less costly than others, while still being very high quality. Some resin lounge chairs have replaceable sling fabrics, giving you the best of both worlds.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are another commercial pool furniture option for B2B companies. They are an excellent choice when it comes to furnishing a high traffic outdoor space. They are very practical, simple to use, and also easy to store. Folding chairs are designed with UV stabilized resin frames, which helps prevent damage from UV rays.

Sofas, Loveseats, Adirondack Chairs, and Daybeds

Most resorts and hotels have lounge areas, so they require sofas, loveseats, Adirondack chairs, or daybeds. Lounge seating can also be the perfect commercial pool furniture since some people might not necessarily want to layout under the sun. It is important to create different settings, with different options for guests to lounge poolside. This also adds more interest to your space.

 Side Tables

Commercial pool furniture refers to a wide variety of outdoor items, including side tables. Whether you have a pool or patio, you will need some side tables to complement your chairs and lounge furniture.  We recommend you evaluate durability and quality as much as the look of the pieces. Some pieces look great but they are made of bad quality materials, which makes them a poor choice, especially for high traffic use.  Some of the most common materials for side tables are aluminum, resin, and other synthetic materials.

At Aretto Commercial, we offer a wide variety of pieces in our catalog for commercial pool furniture, where you can find the best B2B high traffic furniture for hotels, resorts, country clubs, and other types of projects. We’ve been in this industry for 28 years, and we are happy to be at your service. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have. Our team is always ready to help you find the best commercial-grade products for your business.

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